Why most organizations fail at delivering great customer experiences

Rockefeller Foundation. Taking a customer from like to love: the UX of long term relationships.

We see the world, not as it is, but as we are. Talmud Think back to the different organizations you interacted with today. Directly or indirectly. Drinking your morning coffee. Commuting to work. Shopping for groceries. Using your computer. Watching a show on cable. Having a beer. Watching your favorite sports team. Attending a yoga class. Writing a report. Doing your banking. As you think back to them, think about the store you visited, the […] Read more »

What motivates people at work

Would your organization be more successful if your employees were more obedient? Or, would you be more successful if your employees were more artistic, motivated, connected, aware, passionate, and genuine? Seth Godin, Linchpin Try asking people in your organization: “Why does this organization exist… why do you come to work each day?” or “Why does this change initiative matter?” If you get a diverse set of answers such as “to make money” “because I need […] Read more »