The surprising impact of language on the customer experience

“Do or do not. There is no try.” ~Yoda

“Do or do not. There is no try.” Yoda Two people. Two ways of providing the same answer. In the examples below, what do you think the impact of answer A vs B was on the customer’s perception of effort and satisfaction? Example 1 Answer A: You can’t transfer funds until you go through these steps to authorize the account Answer B: Let me walk you through these steps to authorize the account Example 2 Answer A: […] Read more »

What story does your approach to change tell?

The approach you take to a change initiative such as the deployment of enterprise software tells a story to those affected. Consider what each of these comments reveals:  “If we didn’t do it quick enough, the person in charge of the project would send email to their boss, bosses’ boss, up to the CEO… ‘Are you kidding us? You really cc’d that to the CEO?’” “We were never told what it is for and why […] Read more »

Interviewing as listening

Listening is the root of collaboration, root-cause analysis, and effective teamwork. It is also the single greatest source of establishing unity from top to bottom and bottom to top. – David Shaner, The Seven Arts of Change Illustration: Igor Kopelnitsky If, as I suggested in my previous post, interviewing is a method of performing emotional due diligence, how can you approach each interview to maximize learning, engagement, and emotional insight? With deep listening. Adopting a beginner’s mind. And a design attitude. Too often, we allow our preconceptions, mental […] Read more »

To err is human: apologizing brings the human side back into business

Apology is not just a social nicety. It is an important ritual, a way of showing respect and empathy for the wronged person. It is also a way of acknowledging an act that, if otherwise left unnoticed, might compromise the relationship. Apology has the ability to disarm others of their anger and to prevent further misunderstandings. While an apology cannot undo harmful past actions, if done sincerely and effectively, it can undo the negative effects […] Read more »

Designing for a holistic customer experience – thinking outside the product

Economies right now are fundamentally becoming less about physical objects and more about creating ideas and experiences… We now have a new challenge: we have to meet a new emphasis on improving experiences instead of objects, and we need to improve the flow of interactions between customers and service providers. – Daniel Pink, Business Thinking in the Knowledge Economy If economies are fundamentally changing to be about ideas and experiences, how do we prepare for […] Read more »