Speaking & Presentations

My goal when speaking at conferences or facilitating workshops is to spark people to think differently and, even more importantly, to act differently. I treat each engagement as an experience to be designed, a story to be authored, a moment of truth for participants.

Most of my presentations were featured on slideshare as a Presentation of the Day.

Can we design organizations for beauty?

If we’re dreaming the future into being, why not dream of a future where business is beautiful? Where business delivers the promise of happiness? Where business is an incredible force for positive change in the world?

Employee Communities: Community Centric Change

How might we spark employees to help innovate the customer experience? This talk delivered at CXPA discusses one possible approach.

10 tips for mindful listening

Empathy helps organizations transcend the assumptions and worldviews that constrain their thinking. Empathy begins with listening. I’ve delivered this talk to IT, HR, and IM teams interested in developing their listening skills.

Influence Through Storytelling

After this interactive workshop from Vizthink on why stories are more effective than fact based methods at communicating complex ideas and inspiring people to change participants suggested I become a motivational speaker.

Predictable Irrationality If You Build What They Ask For, They Will Not Come

Requirements don’t work. In this talk delivered to IT leaders I discuss the reasons why and suggest alternative approaches to understanding what people need.

Psychology of user adoption

In this talk I explore how organizations can increase the success of their change efforts through an improved understanding of how people perceive their environment, are swayed by others, and choose to act.

What’s your story? Designing a holistic customer experience

In this presentation delivered at the first ever Content Strategy Forum I look at how to craft a cross-silo content strategy designed to deliver superior, holistic customer experiences.

Designing with content: a customer experience journey

In this talk delivered at Enterprise World I look at how designing experiences with content can impact the bottom line.

Mapping the customer experience

Over 200,000 people have viewed this talk delivered at Ed UI on how to use customer experience maps to understand and innovate the customer experience.

authoring a hero’s journey: finding meaning through story

If design is change, if we want to use design to effect change, shouldn’t we first think about changing ourselves by designing our own story?


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