Do you have an [enterprise] app for that?

Gartner predicts that by 2013, 40% of enterprise knowledge workers will have removed their desk phone, as illustrated in this great infographic on this history of the knowledge worker. I’m one of those 40%. I participate in online meetings while soaking up the sun on my deck. I’m drafting this blog post from the Sleepless Goat, a funky little cooperative café in Kingston Ontario where I spend one morning each week writing. I participate in […] Read more »

Interviewing as listening

Listening is the root of collaboration, root-cause analysis, and effective teamwork. It is also the single greatest source of establishing unity from top to bottom and bottom to top. – David Shaner, The Seven Arts of Change Illustration: Igor Kopelnitsky If, as I suggested in my previous post, interviewing is a method of performing emotional due diligence, how can you approach each interview to maximize learning, engagement, and emotional insight? With deep listening. Adopting a beginner’s mind. And a design attitude. Too often, we allow our preconceptions, mental […] Read more »

Why requirements don’t work – the riddle of experience vs memory

According to Daniel Kahneman, one of the founders of behavioral economics, we have two selves. Experiencing self – who lives in the present and knows the present Remembering self – a storyteller that keeps score and maintains the story of our life The remembering self uses story to make sense of the world. As soon as we experience something, we fit it into the story in our heads. What we keep from our experiences is […] Read more »