Use love words to make customers (and employees) smile

words create worlds

“Words are events, they do things, change things. They transform both speaker and hearer; they feed energy back and forth and amplify it. They feed understanding or emotion back and forth and amplify it.” ~Ursula K. Le Guin   Two collection boxes. One says DONATING=HELPING. One says DONATING=LOVING. What would you guess the impact of replacing the word HELPING with LOVING had on donations? Language, because of it’s emotional resonance, has a surprising impact on an experience. Unlike the […] Read more »

No scene that doesn’t turn

Sparkline by Nancy Duarte, Resonate

Look closely at each scene and ask: what value is at stake in my character’s life at this moment? Love? Trust? What? How is that value charged at the top of the scene? Positive? Negative? Some of both? Then at close of scene, ask: where is this value now? Compare. If answer at end is same as opening, ask why is this scene in the script? Robert McKee Start, every time, with this inviolable rule: […] Read more »

Not every interaction is a moment of truth

SAS get in there and fight

Stories are the creative conversion of life itself into a more powerful, clearer, more meaningful experience. They are the currency of human contact. Robert McKee I’ve been wrestling with the concept of moments of truth lately. One of the objectives when visualizing experiences using customer experience journey maps is to identify and redesign the moments of truth most critical in the journey. At first glance moments of truth feel like a simple concept, but when […] Read more »