What motivates people at work

Would your organization be more successful if your employees were more obedient? Or, would you be more successful if your employees were more artistic, motivated, connected, aware, passionate, and genuine? Seth Godin, Linchpin Try asking people in your organization: “Why does this organization exist… why do you come to work each day?” or “Why does this change initiative matter?” If you get a diverse set of answers such as “to make money” “because I need […] Read more »

Do you have an [enterprise] app for that?

Gartner predicts that by 2013, 40% of enterprise knowledge workers will have removed their desk phone, as illustrated in this great infographic on this history of the knowledge worker. I’m one of those 40%. I participate in online meetings while soaking up the sun on my deck. I’m drafting this blog post from the Sleepless Goat, a funky little cooperative café in Kingston Ontario where I spend one morning each week writing. I participate in […] Read more »

Applying the Switch framework to two change efforts

In  to succeed with change, tap into the power of the mind I summarized my takeaways from Switch. In this post, I’ll try applying the Switch framework to two very different types of change efforts. The first is a personal change effort many of us struggle with. The second is an organizational change effort. Losing weight Direct the rider: When it comes to losing weight, convincing the rider isn’t usually a problem. Rationally, we know being […] Read more »

People are the heart of a conference experience: conversation by design

The family is shaped by the direction in which it points its conversation. It can focus on its memories and basically keep on saying: “this is the way we are, this is what the different members of the family have done and are doing.” Or it may treat itself as a base from which its members set out to explore the outside world, and to which they return with something new to say, so that […] Read more »

Visualizing the adoption experience

adoption experience cycle scaled

Earlier I blogged about visualizing the customer experience using customer experience journey maps. The experience I’m currently trying to understand and visualize is the experience people go through when adopting a new application at work. The challenge of people adopting of new applications in an organization is a much different challenge than the one of people adopting new applications in their personal lives. People don’t like being changed. Yet new applications force people to change their […] Read more »

How to trigger an epidemic of good – the power of positive gossip

Last week when chatting with a customer who’s had tremendous success in accelerating adoption of ECM across her organization, she said something that really captured my attention. “We start all our meetings with positive gossip.” In other words, they start each meeting by sharing anecdotes and stories of what’s working. The key was that the anecdotes & stories were positive. Why does positive gossip matter? According to Tribal Leadership “Your organization shifts in the direction of […] Read more »

Use design thinking to extract the threads from the giant hairball

[Design thinking] is the ability to create new options and build new products, services and experiences that gives design so much power. It is the ability to understand deeply cultures from digital social media networks to small villages in southern India that gives design its power. – Bruce Nussbaum I first came across the term design thinking a several years ago, through the writing of Tim Brown and Bruce Nussbaum, two early champions of the […] Read more »