Designing experiences with content

What’s the worst customer experience you’ve ever had? In this presentation from Content World, I (partially) chronicle my own worst ever customer experience using a simplified customer experience journey map. While it wasn’t the worst in terms of any one interaction, the overall experience as it unfolded over time, across multiple interactions, and through multiple touchpoints made it the winner. Too often, when an organization looks at interaction design, process design, touchpoint design, or content […] Read more »

Thinking beyond the website

While I’m excited by the rapid growth of the discipline of content strategy as evidenced by last week’s sold out Content Strategy Forum in Paris and the growing buzz about content strategy across the webisphere, most of the conversation is currently centered around web content strategy. I think the reason the conversation has centered around the website is that most people with Content Strategy in their job title come from the web world, where the […] Read more »

Bridging silos through story

In the spirit of filter or be flooded (Fast Company) and the Simplicity of Dr. Seuss (a funny must read on the need for content strategy), I’m sharing my draft of “What’s your story? Designing a holistic customer experience” in advance of my talk at the Content Strategy Forum. I’ve crafted something too long to present within my 40 minute time limit. I’m hoping that by sharing it with you in advance, you’ll let me know […] Read more »

10 reasons content strategy is essential when designing a holistic customer experience

Next week I’m attending (and speaking at) the first Content Strategy Forum in Paris. I’m intrigued by the discipline of content strategy because I believe that now, more than ever before, content strategy is critical for designing a holistic customer experience. No longer will content be thought of as a necessary evil (technical how to information) or blatantly promotional (I’m so great, buy me). Before listing my 10 reasons, I’ll share some definitions for the […] Read more »