I’m a design thinker who believes we can change ourselves, our organizations, our communities, our governments, and the world by design.

I work with human-centred organizations interested in building innovation into their DNA, exploring questions such as:

How might we
… design organizations for beauty?
… architect organizations for happiness?
… make empathy an organizational core competency?
… craft organizations as creative forces for positive change in their communities and in the world?
… build human-centred innovation into organizational DNA?

What if
…leaders embraced truth, beauty and goodness as ideals worth striving for?
… organizations mentored employees in designing the personal story of their life’s work?
… organizations were designed as epic narratives?
… we reframed HR as employee experience?
… an organization imagined the kind of business that could win a Noble peace prize, and then designed it?

Prior to setting out on my own, I was immersed in the world of enterprise software for over 20 years. As a change catalyst, I brought the practice of experience design to three enterprise software companies. Expanding outward from product focused user experiences to business focused employee and customer experiences taught me about the importance of focusing on value, the language of business, and organizational change. Asked by the CEO of OpenText to lead an organization-wide effort to rethink touchpoints in the customer journey, I worked with cross functional teams to define what it means to deliver holistic, intelligent experiences throughout the customer lifecycle — experiences that change minds and spark action.

I grew up on the Canadian prairies, studying political science and communications at the University of Alberta, graduating with B.A. in Canadian Studies in 1986. I then headed east to study communications and cultural studies at Carleton University in Ottawa, graduating with a M.A. in 1989.  After stints being responsible for public affairs programming at a community radio station and running the legislative office of a Member of Parliament at the House of Commons, I moved to Kingston where I convinced a software company that my experience translating political jargon into something anyone could understand qualified me for a job as a technical writer.

I currently live in Kingston, Ontario, although I’m still a westerner at heart. An avid gardener and the bane of my neighbor whose mental model of a yard centers on grass, I have a keen interest in greening my community. I’ve xeriscaped my home environment and now have my sights set on the rest of Kingston.

“My job was to be loyally subversive.” The Creative Paradox

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