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What’s the worst customer experience you’ve ever had?

In this presentation from Content World, I (partially) chronicle my own worst ever customer experience using a simplified customer experience journey map. While it wasn’t the worst in terms of any one interaction, the overall experience as it unfolded over time, across multiple interactions, and through multiple touchpoints made it the winner.

Too often, when an organization looks at interaction design, process design, touchpoint design, or content design, they do it in the context of a single interaction, a single process, a single touchpoint, or a single piece of content. They don’t look at the way the interactions weave together over time and across touchpoints. They don’t look at the interconnections between the employee experience and the backend systems they work with and the customer experience. They don’t think in terms of a holistic customer experience. As a result, while they may deliver a great experience at one touchpoint, the overall experience may still suck.  

Content has a significant role to play when we approach the design of the customer experience holistically. And yet content has long been neglected. It’s time to change that. Content strategy, by designing experiences with content, can have a significant impact on an organization’s bottom line.

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By the way, the tale of my worst experience continues. As I was editing this presentation, the phone range. For some reason, I picked it up even though I usually ignore phone calls during the day (assuming they’re spam). Sure enough, it was spam. But in a twisted kind of way I was glad I answered because it supplied me with yet another thread in the narrative of my most worst ever customer experience.

On the line was a call center representative. They were phoning to offer me the opportunity to purchase an extended warranty on my dishwasher (“oh” the woman on the phone says, “you own two dishwashers?”).

“Actually no.” I respond. “I have one dishwasher. It’s the replacement for the other one that caused me no end of frustration with multiple service calls and a damaged floor.”

 “I’ll correct your record” she offers. Then she starts back into her pitch. Having only so much patience, I confess that I hung up before she could finish.

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